Robert Waldner: Yet another boring "personal home"-page

I am not affiliated with any political party!

2023-01-11: A random page (screenshot for archive purposes) on the Intertubewebs says that someone with the same name as me is a candidate for a local political party.
I can't stress this enough: that ain't me.

New PGP key

Fri, 28 Mar 2014: I transitioned to a new PGP key - find the relevant document here.

What you can find here

  1. My cv
  2. A list of all the books SWMBO & I own, usually quite out-of-date
  3. There's also a nice little list of email addresses, waiting to be harvested by spammers (if their scripts are still dumb enough). Or go here.
  4. Some random ramblings about various pieces of sh.., I mean software.
  5. Blog? Thanks, but no thanks. Privacy matters.

Yes, privacy matters. Encrypt your mails to me, please.
DSA/ElG GnuPG KeyID 0x1D49875178CD7CA7 Key fingerprint = 93EE 0FE5 9E95 9F4E 7090 CFC7 1D49 8751 78CD 7CA7
Those of you on UNIX-like (read: sensible) systems could use kuvert (tar.gz, .deb) (by az) to take care of properly encrypting/signing outgoing mail automagically.